Yowie Powers Another Town Hall For Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson

Los Angeles-based Yowie, the online video chat site headed by Jay Snider, which allows Internet users to interact with celebrities, bands, and others, looks to be playing a bigger role in the campaign of U.S. presidential candidate Gary Johnson. Yowie said today that, due to the success of a "town hall" with Johnson last week, Johnson is holding another town hall on the service, this time with's Phil Hinson. FairTax is a taxation scheme endorsed by Johnson in his campaign efforts. Yowie said that more than 10,000 people took part in last week's town hall, and that there were over 130 people who had a chance to ask questions in the chat. Johnson, the former Governor of New Mexico, is considered by political commentators as a long shot at a Republican nomination, due to his stand on such issues as legalizing marijuana and social issues, but remains in the running and on ballots.


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