Zag Adds Another AAA Group

Santa Monica-based Zag, which is developing software for auto buying programs, has signed on another AAA group as a customer. According to Zag, AAA Mid-Atlantic has just unveiled a auto buying program which is powered by the firm's software. Zag has developed a software product which allows users to fully configure and price cars for car buying programs and affinity groups; the firm's software is already being used by a number of other AAA clubs. Financial impact of the latest AAA win was not disclosed, however Zag said that AAA Mid-Atlantic is the fifth largest AAA-affiliated club in the nation, and has 3.8 million members. The deal includes both providing new and used cars for AAA Mid-Atlantic. Zag has now signed up 14 AAA motor clubs, and also provides its technology to Capital One Auto Finance,, and other sites. Zag is headed by former CarsDirect CEO Scott Painter, and is venture backed by Anthem Venture Partners, Capital One Auto Finance, GRP Partners, Arcturus Capital, Callaway Cars and the Skoll Fund.


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