ZipaClip Goes Straight For Sexting Market

Skip any talk about self-destructing messages for "privacy": an Irvine-based company, Aclipsa Mobile Video Solutions, said this morning that it has launched a new Android app specifically for "consenting adults". According to Aclipsa, it has launch ZipaClip, a secure mobile video and texting application specifically for "silly, romantic, or flirty" videos or texts, and which can be used for "intimate video". Aclipsa is taking aim at the popularity of instant messaging service Snapchat, which gained some of its initial traction from users using the app for "sexting", the practice of sending suggestive images via mobile apps and texts. Snapchat has since become mainstream, with the majority of users using the service not for any furtive or suggestive reasons, but more for the self-destructing, private, and ephemeral nature of messages. However, Aclipsa has no hesitancy specifically looking to attract users who want to send other people compromising videos and photos; the company said it specifically is looking to let users avoid their content "going viral" or being shared on social networking sites.


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