Zoom Focus Eyewear Becomes Superfocus

Van Nuys-based Zoom Focus Eyewear, the developer of eyeglasses which can replace the need for progressive and bi-focal eyeglasses, said this week that it has renamed itself Superfocus LLC. The firm said it has also renamed its TruFoculs eyeglasses as Superfocus. Superfocus develops eyeglasses which instantly change and adjust to what a user is looking at. The firm is targeting users with presbyopia, which usually requires multiple pairs of glasses, bifocals, trifocals, or progressive lenses to help users see at different distances. The company--which currently markets the eyeglasses online and through some eyewear retailers--said the lenses are particularly popular with architects, computer programmers, pilots and shooting enthusiasts. Superfocus has developed technology which uses a flexible lens which can dynamically change focus to help users view objects at different focal lengths.


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