ZUMBOX's Twist On Mailbox Sweepstakes

Do you miss no longer getting those Publisher's Clearinghouse "You May Have Already Won" envelopes in the mail? Wish Ed McMahon--who pitched sweepstakes for Publisher's Clearinghouse competitor American Family Publishers was still alive? Well, if you are, a new promotion from online mailbox service Westlake Village-based ZUMBOX is for you. Taking a clue from those ubiquitous direct mail sweepstakes mailings, ZUMBOX, which is run by former CEO John Payne, is giving away six, $1,000,000 prizes, 20 Nissan LEAF electric cars, Apple iPads, and other prizes to people who sign up to receive mail on the service. The promotion--which is aimed at drumming up interest and signups to its online mailbox service--launched in June, and runs until December 15th. The firm has been looking to provide an online place for users to receive and manage all of their bills, and also has been offering a way for people to receive mailers digitally instead of to their postal address. Based on activity on Twitter, it looks like Zumbox has just kicked off an effort to increase awareness of the contest via social media.