Anametrix Funding Worth $1.15M

San Diego-based Anametrix, a developer of cloud-based business analytics software, revealed this week via a regulatory filing that its recently announced round was worth $1.15M, part of a $2.3M fundraising effort by the company. The firm had earlier announced the funding, saying that it had added Michael Robertson, Fred Bourgeois, Neil Senturia, Eric Otterson, Gavin Mandelbaum and Laurent Asscher to its advisory board. Anametrix had announced the funding on August 18th, but had not released the amount of funding received. Anametrix is headed by Blaise Barrelet, and develops software used to correlate web analytics, social media, search engine marketing (SEM), video & audio, e-mail campaigns, and market research. The regulatory filing indicates the funding was received on August 12th, a few days before the funding announcement; the filing appears to only cover three of the investors in the firm. More information »


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