Anybeat Opens To Public Access

Los Angeles-based Anybeat, the alternative social networking site created by former MySpace Music VP Dmitri Shapiro, has opened up broad, public access to the service. The firm--which had been in invite-only, beta mode--said it is looking to create a "third place"--different from home and work--for people to get away, relax, and socialize. Anybeat is taking a very different approach to Facebook, which is centered around people you know, and instead trying to create an online space where you can connect with people you don't know, who might share interests, tastes in music, and hobbies. Anybeat is backed by a long list of angels and venture firms. In its announcement last night on its public launch, Anybeat compared Facebook to a "digital home", LinkedIn to a "digital workplace", and its own site as something akin to a coffee shop or bar. Shapiro was also the founder of video site Veoh.