Belkin's Latest Accessory Looks To Tame Lack Of Pockets

Story by Benjamin F. Kuo


Playa Vista-based computer accessory and products maker Belkin has been pushing the limits of technology lately, with such products as its Wi-fi enabled water sensors and MIMO routers. However, its latest products--announced on Wednesday--tackle a far less high tech issue: the lack of pockets in workout gear. Belkin said it has launched two new products, a new Fitness Belt and its Storage Plus Armband, which are specifically designed to help users with a place to put their smartphones and other items. Belkin said the new accessories have reflective accents for visibility, and are aimed at being an "essential workout accessory" for hikes, runs, and other fitness activities. However, given the ever expanding size of smartphone screens and the continued popularity of tight fitting jeans, the new accessories might just be an everyday item for some users.