Burner Brings Disposable Phone Numbers To Android

Ever wish you could easily create one-off, disposable phone numbers? Los Angeles-based Ad Hoc Labs has had that handled with Burner, a handy iPhone app which lets users create phone numbers on the fly. Now, Burner has expanded its application to Android, and also has upgraded its original iPhone software. According to Ad Hoc Labs, Burner is now available in the Google Play store, for free.

Burner's apps are geared toward helping users add some anonymity to their phone number--for example, when selling items online, or when handing out phone numbers to potential dates. The app allows users to create their own, disposable phone numbers for both voice and SMS communications; users can create as many numbers as they want, and can "burn" those numbers when they no longer want to use them. Numbers can be purchase in-app.

Ad Hoc Labs is headed by Greg Cohn, who is a technology industry veteran who last worked at Yahoo; he's been involved in a number of startups, including, where he was part of the founding team which sold that company to Orbitz.