Burner's New App, Ghostbot, Takes On Unwanted Texting

Los Angeles-based Burner, the developer of a smartphone app to let you create temporary, "burner" phone numbers, has rolled out a new "bot" which helps users take on unwanted texting. According to Burner, its new Ghostbot is a text message autoresponder, which works with Burner, which is designed to handle unwanted, aggressive, or abusive texting situations--particularly, in online dating. Burner said that it has linked with bot maker Voxable and screenwriter Peter Miriani, to develop a texting bot which handles everything from unwanted dating advances to abusive or annoying people--using what it says is humor, "effective disengagement tactics" and a "touch of artistry" along with natural language processing. The app looks to be designed to automate the often frustrating and long drawn out process of letting potential dating prospects know--gently--that you're just not into them.