Club Caveman Takes To Kickstarter To Bring App To Life

A mobile app new project by a local, Los Angeles team has taken to Kickstarter to help fund its efforts to create an animated, interactive caveman for your iPhone and iPad. The team -- made up of veterans from local, Silicon Beach technology companies -- said it is developing Club Caveman, a mobile app that combines movie-quality animation with all the interactivity of an iPad or iPhone. The team said that its idea it to create an app which takes advantage of all of the features of the iPad and iPhone, including voice recognition, accelerator, touch sensitivity, plus the iPad 3's Retina display. So far, the team has raised around $7,000 out of $10,000 goal to complete the project, which promises to award copies of the app, thank you cards, original artwork, and other benefits to supporters. The team includes entertainment and tech vets who have worked on computer games from Activision, animation from Dreamworks and Disney, and who have worked at Yahoo! and Demand Media. The team is pitching the game with an animated pitch, showing off some of its animation chops and a preview of its caveman.


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