Melon Launches Crowdsourcing Effort To Get Into Your Head

What, exactly, is your brain doing--and why is that important to your productivity and focus? And, how can pulling brainwave data to your smartphone help you focus? A new, Los Angeles startup, Melon, has launched a Kickstarter campaign this morning to build a device to monitor your brainwave activity, and pull that data into your smartphone. The startup--one of the latest companies to emerge out of LA accelerator LaunchpadLA--said it wants to help users to understand their mental focus by gathering brainwave data through a sensor-enabled headband and providing feedback through a unique mobile app.

The startup is (literally) the brainchild of Arye Barnehama and Laura Michelle Berman, both cognitive scientists, who wanted to bring the realm of brain activity monitoring out of the academic world and into everyday life. According to the two, the whole goal of the startup is to take invisible activity of the mind and turn it into something visible and meaningful in your everyday life.