Cogent Revives Registered Traveler Program For Airports

Pasadena-based Cogent, a maker of biometrics devices and fingerprint readers, is behind a launch of a new, Registered Traveler (RT) program at the Indianapolis International Airport (IND), being launched by new company iQueue. iQueue, which is a joint venture of Cogent, ARINC, FLO Corporation, and International RAM, said it has been selected to provide expedited access to airport screening checkpoints. The Registered Traveler program is the first since Verified Identity Pass (CLEAR) shut down its operations last June. According to Cogent, iQueue members will use its equipment and services to verify biometric data of travelers, allowing them to speed through airport checkpoints. The Registered Traveler program, which was best known to local travelers through CLEAR lines at LAX, San Diego, and other airports, has been defunct since Verified Identity Pass shut down last year. COgent said it will cost $149 for an annual membership to iQueue, which will also include preferred parking, airport club access, and discounts to ther services. The firm did not say when it plans to roll out service beyond Indiana.