Cricket In 4G LTE Deal With Clearwire

San Diego-based prepaid wireless service provider Cricket, is turning to 4G wireless provider Clearwire for its next general, 4G LTE network. The companies announced this morning that they are in a five-year., wholesale agreement where Cricket will be able to tap into Clearwire's new LTE network. Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed. Cricket becomes the second carrier to commit to using Clearwire's LTE network; the other carrier is Sprint, Clearwire's major investor and customer. Clearwire has recently begun building out an LTE network, after the firm's failed gambit of pursuing the alternative technology, WiMAX. Cricket said it will use Clearwire's 4G LTE network to supplement its own, LTE network and to provide capacity off-load services. Cricket is already deploying its own LTE equipment as part of its network footprint.