DIRECTV Broadcasts To Cars

In another reason to watch out for that driver next to you, El Segundo-based DIRECTV said today that it will begin broadcasting local television stations to car video screens. DIRECTV said that it will start delivering live local news, weather, traffic, sports, and other local entertainment programming to cars, through a deal with KVH Industries. Customers who purchased KVH's TracVision mobile satellite TV systems will be able to view local broadcast channels within certain market areas as a part of a new DIRECTV Total Choice Mobile offering, which will be offered as a monthly subscription package. DIRECTV said it is targeting more than 20 million U.S. vehicles which are expected to have in-vehicle passenger video systems. According to partner KVH, "more and more U.S. motorists now consider their vehicle as an extension of their living room" and that satellite TV is the next "must-have" vehicle technology.