Doorbot Hits $250K Crowdfunding Goal

Doorbot, the wireless, video-enabled doorbell created by Santa Monica-based Edison Jr., the hardware project and idea startup headed by Jamie Siminoff, has reached its crowdfunding goal of $250,000, according to Edison Jr. The firm said that the device is now headed into manufacturing stage, and is expected to be delivered in July of 2013. Doorbot is the latest hardware project from Siminoff's Edison Jr., which has also been trying to bring its POP Charger to market. Edison Jr's earlier POP Charger project has had a number of ups and downs, with the firm initially deciding to refund the funds raised for the project after Apple rejected the design, to a new decision in December to deliver the product, after Apple changed its mind.

Those battles--and issues working with Kickstarter on refunds and other issues--actually spurred Siminoff to found Christie Street, a crowdfunding site specifically aimed at hardware projects. Kickstarter--originally a crowdfunding site for any kind of project--has been trying to figure out how to handle hardware projects, which often have higher risks than other projects, and specifically changed its rules last year to discourage companies from using the site as solely a store for pre-ordering hardware. Kickstarter said it is not a store for buying hardware products, putting into place rules to prevent renderings of yet-to-be-designed products, simulated products, and more.

Siminoff said it has two new products seeking funding on its own, crowdfunding site, a backup and mobile charging station called the Energy Backpack, and theme-based Deka Bluetooth headsets. Christie Street is taking preorders for both products.


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