Edison Jr.'s Latest Gadget Idea: The DoorBot

Edison Jr., the gadget startup headed by Jamie Siminoff, has a new pitch for you: the DoorBot, a wireless, video-enabled doorbell that connects directly to your smartphone or tablet, wherever you are. Edison Jr. said it has started raising $250,000 to bring its product to life, via a crowdfunding effort. The idea behind DoorBot is to allow residents to communicate with whoever is at their door, whether they are home or not, by sending video via Wi-Fi connected to a smartphone app. Siminoff and Edison Jr.'s latest project was the POP, a portable power pack, which raised $139,000 on Kickstarter earlier this year; that device is still awaiting manufacturing and has yet to become a reality. Edison Jr. said the DoorBot will be fully compatible with Lockitron, another popular crowdsourced product (also yet to ship) allowing useres to lock or unlock a house via smartphone app.