Family Archival Solutions Launches To Solve Legal Issues After Loss

One of the biggest issues that families have after the loss of a loved one, is the sticky mess of unraveling piles of bills, bank accounts, wills, and whatnot. Los Angeles-based Family Archival Solutions is hoping that its new, online service will help address those issues, by letting users manage both their digital--and physical--documents. The startup said its service lets users store passwords for email services, photo sites, Facebook, Twitter and more; helps users track their physical assets and documents; and even lets people store videos and emails to loved ones for the future. Family Archival Solutions was founded by Mark Nicholas, who the company said is an attorney with 20 years of experience in the field. The company's partners include Iron Mountain, a major provider of document storage, who the company said is providing document storage for its customers. The company said it is privately funded, but did not detail its backers.


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