Fisker Loses $3M In Cars In New Jersey Due To Sandy

The damage to Fisker Automotive is much worse than initally reported, with the auto maker losing more than 300 of its electric automobiles due to the storm surge from Hurricane Sandy, according to reports today. The WSJ said that Fisker lost the cars when the hybrid automobiles were parked at a New Jersey port last week. Fisker was not the only auto maker affected by the storm--Toyota apparently is scrapping 2,700 damaged vehicles at the same port--but it's a significant number of cars for the startup automaker. A number of those cars apparently also caught fire after short circuiting of batteries from saltwater. Fisker can't seem to catch a break, after a recall and battery issues from its now bankrupt supplier, A123 systems, a number of vehicle fires, and a rough time getting to market. The Irvine-based auto startup has raised over $1.2 billion in venture capital for its efforts.