Hurricane Sandy Provides More Woes For Fisker Automotive

It looks like Hurricane Sandy didn't limit its damage to the East Coast. The Hurricane apparently has inflicted its damage on Southern California hybrid automaker Fisker Automotive, after surging water from the storm caused sixteen of Fisker's Karma luxury hybrids to go up in flames in Port Newark, New Jersey. The Irvine-based startup's cars--which were at a shipping facility awaiting delivery--caught fire after being submerged by the storm. A photo of the destroyed cars was posted by Jalopnik. Exact cause of the fires have not been determined. Although no automobile is hurricane and water proof--there are undoubtedly hundreds if not thousands of cars now headed for the scrap heap due to Hurricane Sandy--the fires can't be good for Fisker, which has had a number of spontaneous ignition with its automobiles come to light over the last year.