Friday Tech Video Roundup For May 17, 2013

What's the latest batch of videos coming out of Silicon Beach's startups? Here are some of the highlights from this week from socalTECH's video section, where we're currently featuring community videos from and about local startups:

What is Privlo's private mortgage marketplace about?

Privlo video explains how the company is launching its own private mortgage marketplace.

Splash's social sharing app

Santa Monica startup Splash has a new iPhone app, centered around following photos with tags that interest you.

Melon's mind reading headband and mobile app

Melon, a Los Angeles startup out of LaunchpadLA, wants to help people improve their focus with a brain monitoring headband.

What is the STEAM Carnival?

What is the Two Bit Circus STEAM Carnival all about, and what is its connection to science and engineering education?

BLANKSPACES Downtown Los Angeles pitch

Pitch for BLANKSPACES Los Angeles downtown location.

Image courtesy BigStock.