Goldstar Approaches 5 Million Ticket Sales

Los Angeles-based Goldstar, the online, discounted event tickets service run by Jim McCarthy, is getting close to hitting 5 million tickets sold on the site, according to an email to users by CEO and co-founder Jim McCarthy. McCarthy said that the site is just about set to sell its 5,000,000 ticket on the service, which offers highly discounted tickets to local concerts, live music, theaters, comedy clubs, and more. Goldstar offers up a service which emails members with last minute tickets to local events, usually highly discounted, which helps consumers get great values on local venues, and in turn, helps those venues sell out their seats. The business is directly aimed at the issue of unsold inventory at entertainment venues. Goldstar said it is giving away $50 gift certificates to tickets through the site to members who refer more than 10 friends to the site as part of a promotion celebrating the milestone.


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