Hubber Dangles Tesla Rental Promotion

Wish you could be driving around a brand new, 2013 Tesla Model S through the streets of Los Angeles, instead of that downscale rental car? Los Angeles-based Hubber, the startup which is letting users get paid to park their car at LAX--by letting users rent out their cars to others--has been running a promotion which will offer up a free, 3-day rental on a 2013 Tesla Model S to its customers.

According to Hubber, users can enter to win the free, 3-day rental when they list their car with the Hubber fleet at LAX. Hubber's service lets users park their car at LAX, and offer up those cars to visitors as rentals. Hubber said the promotion runs through September 30th. Hubber is looking to take advantage of the "sharing economy" by letting users offer up their cars to others for rental at LAX and SFO, turning a cost (parking fees) into a potential source of profit (slice of rental fees, plus a free carwash).


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