iFixit's Gift For iPhone Geeks: A Transparent 4S Back Panel

iFixit, the online electronics information, parts, and tools service, has just launched a product for that iPhone loving geek on your shopping list: a transparent back cover for the iPhone 4S. iFixit--which is known for their many detailed "teardowns" of electronics products, said Monday that its new transparent panel will allow people to have the "coolest iPhone on the block"--which might be true if you are an electronics-crazed hacker, engineer or enthusiast. The firm already offers a similar product for the iPhone 4 GSM. Teardowns--disassembling consumer electronics products to figure out what components being used in those products, and maybe to learn more about how those products work--are a popular past time of both electronic hobbyists and serious engineers and designers. iFixit is based in San Luis Obispo.