Insights: Five Secrets to Landing your Dream Job in the Mobile Industry

Story by Dale Carr


For this afternoon's contributed article, we're featuring Dale Carr, the CEO of LeadBolt, who offers some tips to score a career in today's high tech industry. LeadBolt is based in Los Angeles and Sydney, Australia. You can read more contributions like this from the local technology community at our Insights and Opinions section.

With a growing reliance on mobile devices in our daily lives, more job opportunities open up as the industry grows. Job seekers may be lured by careers in the mobile field and as such may be equally as excited as they are intimidated by the ever-changing technology space. For candidates who are newly entering the tech field or switching paths mid-career, here are some tips for acquiring the skills and readiness that set you apart from other job-seekers and make you attractive to the hiring organization.

Five strategic moves to land your dream job in mobile:

1. Understand the key debates and hot topics happening within the industry today. Whether it's the future of the wearables market, the rise in popularity of devices such as "phablets", the efficacy of native ads, mobile advertising, the advancements in location-based (LBS) technology or the return of Flappy Bird, the hot topics of mobile are always in motion. Prepare by knowing the three big debates or key topics. Reading mobile trade publications and industry blogs are a great way to stay informed. (More...)

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