DreamJobbing Launches To Find Users Dream Jobs

Wish you could be a VH1 reporter, television producer, or have another dream job? Los Angeles-based DreamJobbing said this week that it has launched a new online site--and associated, television effort--which will give anyone a chance at a "dream job" by harnessing their social media and on-camera skills. The website--started by entertainment and digital industry vets Lisa Hennessy, Burton Roberts and Alex Boylan--said that users of the site compete by submitting a video application, which is voted on by an online community, and eventually will be filmed for a TV series debuting on AXS TV next year. The dream jobs include gigs with VH1, Nitro Circus, CBS TV, TOMS, and The Tourism Authority of Thailand, among with others. Hennessy, Roberts, and Boylan have worked on such productions as The Biggest Loser, Eco-Challenge, Around The World For Free, Rach to the Rescue, and many others.