Insights and Opinions: A New American (Market) Low?

For today's Insights and Opinions section for the site, we're featuring a post by Lee Weinberg, a local Los Angeles attorney and investor and prior commentator on our site, with a (maybe, or maybe not) humorous piece about the Cast of ' Jersey Shore' ringing the bell at the NYSE:

So, the cast of "Jersey Shore" rang the opening bell at the NYSE.

OUCH! First of all, whose idea was that? I mean, I’m from Jersey, and this is embarrassing.

But beyond that, like the August 1979 “Death of Equities” BusinessWeek cover, this just screams out for a market call and analysis.


New American Lows: As it has throughout its history (yet, remarkably, even moreso now), America will continue to produce new anti-intellectual and least-common-denominator (LCD) lows for... (More...)

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