Insights and Opinions: AWS: Time for a Multi-Vendor Cloud Strategy

It was a rough weekend for the cloud, with an outage over at Amazon Web Services disrupting access to such popular services as LinkedIn, Instagram, and many others. Not to mention, a leap second bug throwing off sites like Reddit and others Sunday. So, for our Insights and Opinions section this morning, we're sharing an editorial from Steve Zivanic, at San Diego's Nirvanix.

At a time when Amazon Web Services continues to experience multiple outages, it's becoming rather clear that the answer for its customers is not to try and "master” the AWS cloud and learn how to leverage multiple "availability zones” in an attempt to avoid the next outage, but rather to look into a multi-vendor cloud strategy to ensure continuous business operations. You can spend days, months and years trying to "master" AWS or you could simply do what large-scale IT organizations have been doing for decades--rely on more than one vendor.

It's not about keeping two copies in more than one location in a single cloud, it's about multiple copies across multiple geo locations across multiple clouds. (More...)

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