Insights and Opinions: Co-Marketing or Joint Venture?

As part of our Insights and Opinions section on our site, we regularly feature advice from entrepreneurs, investors, attorneys, and many others on a variety of topics of interest to high tech companies. Today, we have an article from Greg Akselrud of Stubbs Alderton & Markiles, LLP, who talks about some of his thoughts on deciding between co-marketing and a joint venture.

Co-marketing arrangements present a wealth of opportunities to expand your business. They allow business owners to expand distribution and revenue while leveraging anotherís strengths, all while providing a better offering to users. But at a certain point, a longer term initiative presents itself - the joint venture. Joint ventures offer many advantages to traditional co-marketing arrangements, but also bring significant disadvantages and risks.

What is co-marketing?

Co-marketing takes many forms. When online, co-marketing can mean two parties marketing each otherís products and services, co-branding a single product or service under a combined brand or using each partyís (Continued...)

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