Insights and Opinions: Lessons From Launching 3 Companies

For our Insights and Opinions section today, we are featuring a podcast from Andrew Warner founder of Mixergy, who runs a popular series of technology networking events in Los Angeles. Andrew has recently been interviewing interesting entrepreneurs and thought leaders, and recently interviewed Brian Johnson, the founder of eteamz, Zaadz, and Philospher's Notes.

I asked Brian Johnson to teach what he learned from launching 3 startups because he has both the experience of an entrepreneur and the introspection of a philosopher.

1. Don't start with your masterpiece

When he launched eteamz, Brian's vision was for a comprehensive site that organized youth sports. But it turns out that parents who used the site only wanted basic features, like the ability to see a picture of their kids sliding into third base. Brian suggests taking Guy Kawasaki's advice. When you launch, "don't worry. Be crappy." After your launch, you can improve the business by listening to your customers.


See Andrew's video and hear his podcast on our Insights and Opinions section.


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