Insights and Opinions: You Want a Job?

For our Insights and Opinions section today, we have Jared Reitzen, CEO of Los Angeles-based MobileStorm, who gives a few opinions on how to make you and your resume stand out above the crowd, when applying for a job.

You want a job? Then stop sending crappy resumes. Being an employer for a decade now, I have seen every type of resume you can imagine. I really like to interview everyone even if itís for 10 minutes. I like to make sure that person fits within our culture (while lowering the risk of a lawsuit because of our wonderful, politically incorrect organization).

Every time we try to fill a position, I feel that the majority of people either a.) arenít really looking for a job but are just sending their resumes to see what is out there or, b.) donít have any self-esteem and feel that they are one of a thousand applicants and there is no way they can get a job, so why bother to send a polished document. Here are five tips to make sure someone reads your resume and calls you in for an interview:

1. Attach a Cover Letter: Far too many people simply email you their resumes and there is nothing in the body of the email, just a Word doc attachment. Itís as if the applicants are just sending their resumes to as many people as possible, and they donít have time to write a quick intro on themselves and why they want this job. I can tell you right now the only time I review coverless-letter resumes is if I am not getting a sufficient number of applicants; otherwise, they are trashed. Showing your personality and thoughts on the position goes a long way. Also, most executives are reading your resume on their blackberries. Can we open Word attachments? Yes, but it takes 15 seconds; reading the body of the email does not. Entice us with a beautiful cover and then hit us hard with a good story.

2. Do Your Research: A company wants to see that you have researched their website, studied their business model, and know what they are all about. They want to hear comments like, ďI really feel I would fit into your corporate culture because of x.Ē Flattery does get you far; just (More...)

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