Lensabl Launches Lens Replacement Service

Lensabl, a new startup in the eyewear industry offering up both prescription and non-prescription lens replacement for your existing eyeglass frames, has recently launched, backed by seed money from local angels. The company said it offers up replacement lenses by mail, for costs a fraction of an optician. The startup was founded by Andy Bilinsky and Mike Rahimzadeh, who previously founded consumer online eyewear brand ivory + mason Eyewear. Bilinsky also had worked at HauteLook at Beachmint, and Rahimzadeah was at Great Minds Design. The company said it has been backed by seed money from angels Jon Shokrian (MeUndies) and Ben Nazarian (Propel Factory). Lensabl says it saves an average of 70 percent on lens replacement by cutting out the middlemen in filling prescription and other lens replacements.


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