Linspire Rolls Out Free Linux Version

San Diego-based Linspire, a provider of desktop Linux operating systems, is announcing today at the Annual Desktop Linux Summit that it has rolled out a new, free version of the Linux OS. Linspire will roll out "Freespire", a version of the Linux operating system that is free of charge and supported through an open source process. The new Freespire distribution will include both fully open and versions with legally license proprietary software, according to the company. The software will be based on the popular Debian operating system distribution. Proprietary software that can be loaded on the distribution include codecs and device drivers, and third party fonts. LInspire said that it will continue to develop the Linspire OS, targeted at novice users, while its new Freespire distribution will be targeted to developers. It also said it would use the Freespire project to help improve its commercial Linspire OS.


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