TOP NEWS Releases Traffic Stats

Santa Monica-based Demand Media has released traffic statistics for its LIVESTRONG.COM web site, its joint venture with cyclist Lance Armstrong, saying that the site now has more than 4 million monthly visits and over 650,000 registered members. The site, which launched in June, is focused on health, fitness, and related information. Demand Media also said that more than 4,300 groups have formed on the site. Along with releasing traffic stats, the company said it has launched a new effort to attract users to the site by following Lance Armstrong's effort to re-enter the world of competitive cycling. The new section of LIVESTRONG.COM will be called "On Tour With Lance" and provide photos, videos, and blogs following Armstrong through his training efforts and cancer awareness campaign. Demand Media is the well-funded online media firm headed by former MySpace chairman Richard Rosenblatt.


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