Luxtera Ships All-CMOS Optical Transceiver

Carlsbad-based Luxtera is shipping a single-chip, integrated CMOS photonics transceiver, the firm said yesterday, in what the company claims is the first single-chip, dual XFP transceiver device that uses standard CMOS. Luxtera's new chip combines both optics and mainstream electronics on a single CMOS die, which should reduce the size, power consumption, and cost of optical transceivers. Luxtera said that the new chip is fabricated on standard high volume 0.13 micron SOI CMOS, and that it is sampling prototypes of its devices. Luxtera will launch commercial products based on the technology in early 2007, the firm said. Luxtera is backed by August Capital, ITU Ventures, New Enterprise Associates, Seven Rosen Funds, and Zone Ventures.


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