MeUndies, Backed by Science Inc., Launches Apparel Brand

In the second startup backed by Science, Inc. to launch this week, Los Angeles-based said today that it is launching a line of high-end, comfortable underwear for men and women. The new startup, like many other e-commerce startups emerging across Los Angeles, has combined a subscription service with a high-end, apparel brand. According to, users can sign up for a membership to the site, and are see fashionable underwear--either for men, or women--delivered every month, unless a user decides not to receive that month's purchase. The company is backed by Science, Inc., the business incubator/studio headed by former MySpace CEO Mike Jones. The company also will be offering its garments via vending machine, including one in Hollywood at the Confederacy boutique, and a location in New York. The firm was founded by Jonathan Shokrian and Barak Diskin.


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