Michael Robertson Gets Win In Linspire Spat

San Diego entrepreneur Michael Robertson claims he has scored a win in a lawsuit against the former CEO and CFO of Linspire. According to legal documents released by Robertson, former CEO Kevin Carmony and former CFO Chad Olson are liable for fraud, conspiracy, breach of fiduciary duty, and other counts in a spat over disagreements after Linspire was sold to Xandros. Carmony had been conducting a highly visible and vocal campaign against Robertson in the sale to Xandros in 2008, claiming that Robertson had absconded with millions of dollars due to shareholders in the firm. The jury trial awarded Linspire $81,333 from Carmony and Olson. (Update: In an email, Carmony claims that Robertson lost more than he won in the case, including earlier judgements, with employees receiving $217,000 and Robertson losing $644,000 including legal costs).


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