Naki Laundry Offers Up Deal In Launch Of Smartphone Laundry Service

Wish you could use your smartphone to get your laundry done? You can, kind of, if you use Naki Laundry, the new, smartphone-driven startup which lets users get their laundry done by smartphone, and which launched today in Santa Monica. Naki lets users use their smartphone to request pickup of their dirty laundry, and get their clothes laundered and returned that day or the next morning. Not sure if such a high tech service is for you? The firm apparently is looking to win over new customers by offering up a deal for Groupon users as part of its launch. In the Groupon deal, which went out today, Naki offers up a month of laundry service for $39.99 (normally $80.00 a month).

Naki Laundry is one of a number of companies which has been tying common services to a smartphone. Among the most well known is Uber, which lets users summon a car through a smartphone; Sidecar, which lets users find a ride, which opened in March in LA; Exec, a cleaning service-via-smartphone service which launched in LA in February; and Pathjoy, another cleaning service which opened in LA in January.