NASA Launches Twitter Event At Vandenberg

NASA said Thursday that it is again, letting twenty of its followers to get behind-the-scenes access to one of its launches, this time with access to a satellite mission at Vandenberg Air Force Base. NASA said that its day long "Tweetup" will allow twenty Twitter users access to an Earth-observing satellite mission next week, on October 27th, to view NASA's NPP satellite. The satellite is being launched in the wee hours of the morning on a Delta II rocket from Vandenberg. NASA said it selected 20 Twitter users, from more than 625 who registered to view the event, who will get a tour of Vandenberg and a visit to the launch pad. The agency has been reaching out heavily to Twitter users, having invited them to seven previous launches; the agency said this event is the first on the West Coast. Rocket launches at Vandenberg can usually be seen all the way down the coast to northern Los Angeles County.