Navitas Launches Gallium Nitride ICs For Power Conversion Market

El Segundo-based Navitas Semiconductor announced the launch of its first product this morning, a new Gallium Nitride (GaN) power IC, aimed at the power electronics market. According to Navitas, its new GaN power FETs are aimed at use in such devies as smartphone and laptop chargers, OLED TVs, LED lighting, solar inverters, wireless charging devices and datacenters. The company is aiming its GaN devices as a replacement for existing, silicon based devices, saying that its devices enable a 10x to 100x higher frequency and much higher density, reducing power loss and lower costs. Switching power ICs are used to convert AC power from your power outlet into the DC power required by electronics, and are commonly used in the "power blocks" for everything from laptops to smartphones.


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