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Digital Media Summit and Venture Forum - June 6-7, 2006
Digital Media Summit and Venture Forum - June 6-7, 2006
Universal City Hilton
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Join at Digital Media Summit and Venture Forum June 6-7 in LA.

The event highlights newly launched digital services that will revolutionize the way consumers enjoy music, films, television, video, games and other forms of entertainment.

Join senior entertainment and technology executives for high-level
networking, roundtables and panel discussions exploring the future of digital media delivery!

There is no charge to submit your company for the Venture Forum. Submit
online today!

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United Online Offers Private Phone Numbers
Woodland Hills-based United Online is launching a new, voice mailbox and phone forwarding service, starting in June, the company said yesterday. United Online said that it is launching PrivatePhone, a new service that allows customers to have a free phone number and voicemail, based on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. The new VoIP service allows customers to sign up for their own phone numbers in the area code of their choice, and allows customers to check their messages by phone (More info...)

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Employees Support Employer Monitoring, Mostly
A recent study, conducted by Harris Interactive and sponsored by San Diego-based WebSense reports that 92 percent of all employees report that they believe that their company has the right to install internet filtering technology. The Web@Work survey, conducted in March by Harris and released last week, also showed that the majority (61 percent) of employees use the Internet at work for personal reasons, and that over half (50 percent) would give up their morning coffee rather than lose the abil (More info...)

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MySpace Takes On Global Warming
Los Angeles-based MySpace is taking on global warming, with a new launch of a campaign for "An Inconvenient Truth," a documentary on global warming. The company said that it has joined forces with Al Gore to create a campaign to promote the documentary, including a custom-design community, a personal environmental impact calculator, and facts about global warming. MySpace will also include interviews with Al Gore and a MySpace musician, an interview with film director Davis Guggenheim, and said (More info...)

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Google Forces Chemistry Search Engine Name Change
Google has forced Del Mar-based Chmoogle, an online search engine for chemistry, to change its name, according to Chmoogle founder Klaus Gubernator. Chmoogle, which is trying to establish a search engine focused on chemistry, will rename its web site eMolecules, which is its corporate name. eMolecules said that it received noticed Tuesday that Google had filed an opposition to its trademark application for the name "CHMOOGLE", and that it opted to change its name to avoid a protracted legal batt (More info...)

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Acacia Research Signs aQuantive
Newport Beach-based patent firm Acacia Research has garnered another licensing win for the firm, saying yesterday that its subsidiary, InternetAd Systems, has entered into a technology licensing agreement with aQuantive. aQuantive will license a patent that Acacia Technologies owns that covers interstitial Internet advertising. Acacia Research collects patents and aggressively licenses those patents to companies. aQuantive is a digital marketing company that is the parent company of Avenue A | R (More info...)

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Binary Pulse Technology Marketing. We Create Demand.
Binary Pulse Technology Marketing
We Create Demand for California's Technology Companies

For more than ten years, dozens of Southern California's industry-leading
tech firms have turned to Binary Pulse for their demand-generating
strategies and programs.

Our services include:

-- Demand Generation Planning and Execution
-- Channel Program Development
-- Lead Capture and Management
-- Web Site Development & Search Engine Marketing
-- Corporate and Product Branding
-- Online Integration Strategies
-- Reseller Recruitment
-- Multimedia Presentations
-- Social Media Marketing

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SCOTT EDWARD WALKER - A Corporate Lawyer Who Gets Deals Done
SCOTT EDWARD WALKER - A Corporate Lawyer Who Gets Deals Done

- Former big-firm NY corporate lawyer
- 12+ years of sophisticated M&A and financing experience
- Represented some of the world's largest corporations (e.g., Sony,
DaimlerChrysler) in transactions valued in the billions of dollars
- recent M&A transaction: represented Hollywood Capital, Inc. (LA) and
The Compass Group (Laguna Hills) in connection with the simultaneous
acquisition of SenTech Medical Systems, Inc. and AMF Support
Surfaces, Inc. (closed February 2006 - approx $30MM)

Give Mr. Walker a call if you are tired of dealing with corporate
lawyers who (i) do not understand your business, (ii) are constantly
raising minor issues and/or (iii) charge huge fees for small

Telephone: 213-213-7315 (Downtown LA) 310-859-7177 (Beverly Hills)

Tech Coast Map And Calendar - Free Sample
Silicon Maps Tech Coast Map & Calendar

Put yourself on the Southern California Technology Map!

The Tech Coast Map & Calendar highlights over 60 prominent West Coast High Tech companies. The Tech Coast Map is the perfect promotional gift, recruiting tool and wall decoration for offices and work areas in the high tech industry.

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