Thursday, May 3, 2007
Demand Media Sees Uptick In .TV Registrations
Santa Monica-based Demand Media said this afternoon that its recent release of .TV domain names resulted in $500K in .TV domain names sold in the first 24 hours. The names, were released in conjunction with the company's Me.TV personalized social video site services earlier this week. The names were sold in conjunction with eNom, Demand Media's domain name registration service. Demand Media is the new venture of ex-MySpace Chairman Richard Rosenblatt, who has been assembling a number of companie (More info...)

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Broadcom Acquires Octalica
Irvine-based Broadcom has acquired Octalica, a company that develops semiconductors for the Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) standard, the firm said this morning. The deal is worth $31M in cash, and is expected to close by June 30th. Massachusetts-based Octalica's products are used for distributing digital multimedia content to the home, and is used by cable, satellite, and telecommunications carriers. Octalica also maintains a design team in Tel Aviv, Israel, and has 27 employees.

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X PRIZE Foundation Adds Genomics Competitor
The Santa Monica-based X PRIZE Foundation announced this morning that it has added a new company to its list of competitors for the $10M Archon X Prize for Genomics. The foundation said that Reveo, Inc., has joined VisiGen Biotechnologies, Inc., 454 Life Sciences and the Foundation for Applied Molecular Evolution as one of the teams competing for the prize, which promises to give $10M to the first team to develop a tool that can sequence 100 human genomes in 10 days, at less than $10,000 per gen (More info...)

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Gemstar-TV Guide Adds Personalization Tools
Los Angeles-based Gemstar-TV Guide International said today that it has launched a new set of cross-platform personalization tools, under the name "My TV Guide". The firm said that its technology will allow viewers to see programming guides based on their favorite celebrities and sports teams, and based on the most relevant shows for the viewer. The technology, which it will license to distributors, is expected to be rolled out later this year. Other features will include ability to schedule rec (More info...)

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Guidance Software Expands Board
Pasadena-based Guidance Software, a provider of software for digital forensics, annoucned that it has added Dale Fuller, former McAfee interim President and CEO, to its board. Fuller currently serves as a member of McAfee's board of directors, and is chairman of Phoenix Technologies. Fuller also served as President and CEO of Borland. Guidance Software develops software used by the government, law enforcement, and others to conduct computer investigations.

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eFax Expands In Europe
Los Angeles-based j2 Global Communications has expanded its FAX services internationally, saying Thursday that it has added service in Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. j2 also said that it has added new services in Egypt, the first deployment of the firm's services on the African continent. j2 provides an electronic FAX service that allows customers to send and receive electronic FAX transmissions in local area codes and cities.

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