PaeDae Ups Ante On Software Recruiting, Dangles Chance At Spaceflight

Things definitely look to be heating up in the software recruiting world, at least, if you judge the latest offer from a local startup to find local recruits for software developers. Los Angeles-based Paedae, which is develops software aimed at mobile and online application developers with marketing and monetization, said Tuesday that it will offer the chance at a flight to space--or $200,000--to a new hire. PaeDae said that, in addition to paying a $5000 cash signing bonus and making a charitable donation in the name of its new employee to, it will make one of its new recruits eligible for what it calls the "Space Flight Challenge"--an opportunity to win a trip to space or $200,000, the cost of the trip to low level orbit space.

The chance at the space trip is just that, however--PaeDae said that getting that trip will involve a hand of sing-deck blackjack, where the employee will be dealt two random cards. If they hit blackjack, only then will they win the trip or the equivalent cost of the trip.

The company's offer is not the only recruiting reward out there, with many companies offering up cash signing bonuses, and some even offering up unlimited paid vacation, but it does look to be among the more unique offers out there to drum up software recruits.


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