PromoJam Debuts New Self Service Social Promotions Tool

If you are a millenial entering the workforce, what would you be most comfortable with -- a tool designed to work and look like a social network, or a tool built around an old fashioned corporate enterprise software UI? With its latest product release, Los Angeles-based PromoJam is gambling on the first, and made managing and running social promotions much more like inhabiting a social network than running enterprise software.

PromoJam debuted its brand new, self-service version of its social promotions tool today, PromoJam 2.0, looking to make it much easier for small, medium, and enterprise businesses to manage and run online social promotions. The software allows teams within companies to schedule and create online, customized social marketing campaigns, complete with fancy graphical templates, one click deployment to social networks, and much more. PromoJam, headed by Matt and Amanda MacNaughton, has leveraged the experience the company has had providing custom social promotions for such brands as NBC Universal, The North Face, Virgin America, RedBull, Rihanna, Pearl Jam, and many others, and created a turnkey tool which lets anyone--whether a department of a big enterprise company, or even a mom-and-pop corner store--create and run their own social promotions.

Co-founder Amanda MacNaughton describes the new tool as "bringing enterprise technology at an affordable price" for businesses, saying the tool makes it so businesses don't have to hire expensive developers to write their own tools. The tool--which is initially supporting running campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest--lets users interact with their team much as they do through Facebook or other social sites, and at the same time handle things like collaborating with others, scheduling social promotions, dealing with approvals and project milestones, and more. MacNaughton said that the tool makes what used to take the firm two weeks working with a client and coding, to something a users can do in just a few clicks, customized with a client's own color scheme, pictures, and text. She said that PromoJam is looking to "democratize enterprise social marketing" with the new turnkey system. The new tools is available for a monthly subscription for companies.