reqallable's Software Lets Google Glass Users Read, Handle Email Automatically

reQall, the developer of smart applications for Google Glass--founded by former Apple executive Rao Machiraju--has released reqallable, its application for Google Glass which automatically handles email and text messages for users. The startup has a major presence in Ventura, and Machiraju is a Ventura County resident. According to reQall, its context aware app intelligently identifies critical information in email, and allows Google Glass wearers to reply to email and act on that information. The new software is the first step of Machiraju's vision for smart devices which automatically help people perform tasks, and anticipate what users need. reqall said its new app, reqallable, automatically prioritizes messages based on a user's calendar--for example, passing on messages from other participants in a meeting but holding back other emails--and also anticipates what users need to do next based on the content of those emails.