Scrambl3 Aims At Encrypted Messaging

Irvine-based USMobile, a developer of mobile communications applications, is taking aim at the encrypted messaging market with a new software product, Scrambl3, which it says does a better job of protecting consumer, business, and government users from prying eyes. The app--which runs on iOS and Android--says it allows users to start using its product using only a username and password, and no other identity verification. The company claims all communications go through the firm's own Virtual Private Network (VPN), which is "Top Secret" grade and was developed in an attempt to meet requirements for the NSA's "Fishbowl" secure phone. The company's CEO is Jon K. Hanour, who was CEO and President of Cyvergence Corporation, and previously had been VP of Operations and CFO of Quiksilver, among other experience; the company's CTO is Bradford Arant (Cyvergence, Tenet Health Systems, Mideo) and the company's Chief Cryptographer is Dr. Yongge Wang (Professor, University of North Carolina at Charlotte; Certicom). USMobile said its Scrambl3 app is free, and is more private and secure than WhatsApp, Signal and Messenger.