Sense360 Connects App Developers With New Sensor API, Toolkit

Culver City-based Sense360, the new, smartphone sensor platform developer led by startup veteran Eli Portnoy, has just launched its program, saying that it is looking to make it easier for app developers to leverage sensor data from smartphones. Sense360 said its software allows apps to tap into such sensors as ambient light readers, accelerometers, and GPS, in a much easier way.

Sense360 says that today's smartphones have more than 10 sensors included, which can be used to provide detailed context about a user--where they are, what they are doing, what's around them, and more. That data can be used for a more personalized app experience. Portnoy is the founder of Thinknear, which was acquired by Telenav in what was one of the biggest exits out of the TechStars startup incubator--and went from accelerator class to exit in 14 months.