Snapchat's Spectacles Bot Heads To New York City Today

Venice, California-based Snapchat is continuing to deploy its Snapbot automated vending machines for its Spectacles across the country, and has now opened a "pop up" store" focused on the glasses in New York City, after trips to the Rose Bowl and the Grand Canyon over the weekend. The location in New York City is the first time the glasses have been available on the East Coast. Snapchat is moving its Spectacles "Snapbot" vending machine everyday, only letting people find those vending machines on the day that they appear. The "bot" appears to have Los Angeles on its regular visit list, as it appeared first in Venice near Snapchat's headquarters, then in Santa Monica, and then at the USC-UCLA game over the weekend. Snapchat's store in New York City--unlike the "Snapbot"--is open through New Year's Eve.