SpaceX Dragon Battling Docking Issues

The recently launched SpaceX Dragon is running into some issues with docking with the International Space Station, according to NASA, which said early this morning that the rendezvous and docking of the spacecraft was aborted this morning after "incorrect value in data" on the location of the space station. NASA said that the SpaceX Dragon will automatically reset for another rendezvous and docking attempt in 24 hours. The ISS and the SpaceX Dragon had been scheduled to rendezvous at 3:25 a.m. EST. NASA said that the spacecraft is in excellent shape with no issues, and the crew aboard the space station is safe, and they now expect grappling of the Dragon to be broadcast on NASA TV around 6 a.m. EST tomorrow. The space around the ISS is expected to get even more crowded later today, as another delivery to the ISS was launched on Progress rocket from Russia early this morning, and is expected to also dock at the ISS on Friday.


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