SpaceX Dragon Approaches ISS, Set For Docking Friday

The historic mission to the International Space Station by Hawthorne-based SpaceX progressed further Wednesday, after NASA reported that SpaceX successfully completed an approach to the ISS. The SpaceX Dragon passed directly below the ISS, 2.5 km from the space station, part of testing before a closer approach which will lead to the docking of the SpaceX Dragon with the station on Friday. NASA reported this morning that SpaceX's Dragon capsule is now departing the vicinity of the International Space Station, and is beginning a new trajectory to re-approach the station for grapple and berthing attempts on Friday. The Dragon will attempt to dock with the ISS, the first time a commercially launched vehicle has docked with the ISS. SpaceX is venture backed and headed by technology mogul Elon Musk, and arguably has become one of the highest profile startups to ever emerge out of Southern California.


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